Watercolor Backgrounds for your next creation!

Check out Multicolor Watercolor Splash Background!

The world is recovering from gray sameness. Multicolor designs occupy different spheres. "Explorations of colors" is the right expressions to describe this watercolor background png collection. Being bright and colorful is popular and in trend again. People are not afraid anymore of toxic palettes and complicated backgrounds. Nowadays even floral and animal prints are very popular in fashion. Minimalistic modern interior designs always include some bright spots like paintings on walls or furniture with highly detailed prints. Therefore, we truly believe that this collection can be used not only as ordinary watercolor desktop background, which is also possible.

All our sets of watercolor background vector drawings are made by a group of experienced designers who know how to combine splashes of watercolor paint, geometrical patterns and some other elements in a perfect single unity. Bright watercolor paint is a good choice of technique if you want to create an imitation of hand-drawn or handmade products. Even being printed on different textures watercolor background design makes an impression of real paint. Especially difficult to differentiate printed and drawn watercolor images at craft paper or other types of material for invitation and greeting cards. Brush strokes and splashes of bright watercolor paint leaves shows perfectly the magic of paint transparency.

This collection consists of only free license pictures which can be used as watercolor background vector drawings for any purpose and reproduced as many times as you need. The best for any designer is to have basic watercolor desktop backgrounds which can be modified concerning your concepts. However, we also offer you some more complicated designed patterns which are ready for usage straight after you purchase them. Bright colors have a lot of advantages than the colorless calm palette. The first and the main one – your product will never get lost at the shelf in a store or internet page. The second one – bright watercolor background png drawing make every design more pleasant to our eyes. It looks natural so it is right!