WatercolorPNG Affiliate Partner Program

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Welcome to the Affiliate Partner Program!

How to earn Watercolor Points:

Ways to earn

Place an order and get
5 Watercolor Points for every $1 spent

All rewards

Get order discount each
100 Watercolor Points = $1

How Referrals works:
Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

They get

50% off coupon

You get

$2 off discount

How it works:

Step 1 ⇩:


Step 2 ⇩:

Easy to Share

Simply share products on your social networks with our links and buttons, and referrals who sign-up will be tracked back to your Partner code.

Where to leave referral links?

You can distribute links (and you need) on those sites that are most interested in the potential target audience of the promoted resource. Most often, referral posts are posted for free:

  • In the context of articles published on a personal blog;
  • On personal pages and in thematic communities of social networks;
  • On thematic forums, communities or in personal correspondence on third-party resources;
  • In statuses or in correspondence through messengers and other communication applications;