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Green desert of 295 cacti

This set is about deserts full of small plants which are drawn at this watercolor and vector cactus png clipart. A desert is a hot solitary place where a sandy wind burns lips and cheeks, where a pain in thirsty throat feels like cat's scratches inside of it. It is a wild and dangerous place. Although, it is not totally plain and monotonous. Small but strong beauty is hidden among the sand.

Cacti and succulents of this plant png set are cute tiny creatures loved by many people as perfect home pets. We are used to them so much that we give cactus names as we do with dogs or cats. It is weird but quite normal. Our perfect plan for this watercolor and vector succulent png drawings is based on strong feelings to these beautiful little monsters with sharp prickles. As people like the real objects, they will definitely fall in love with pictures of them. That's is why for you we have this cactus png set!

Colorful plant png set consist of 295 files, which are highly detailed and look really professional, hand-drawn by skilled artist. Watercolor files of this cactus png clipart are similar to all files of our sets: isolated objects, the best combinations of plants for frames and designed patterns with decorated backgrounds. Vector files consist of cactus black and gold line arts which can be modified for any purpose! This plant png drawings can be used as prints for t-shirts or socks, any other soft goods, thematic websites and blogs, different invitation or even extraordinary business cards and other graphic design ideas.

There is a short list of specifications of this watercolor plant png set which you may be interested in:

  • Watercolor & Vector Techniques
  • EPS | SVG | PNG | JPG
  • Vector Elements | Plants with Transparent Background | Frames | Patterns

Find fresh wind for the design of your products with our succulent png pictures!

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