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Watercolor diversity of 48 flower bouquets png drawings

Latest trends say that we have to be colorful and blossoming! Let's follow this simple rule with our watercolor flower png set! People are tired of being plain. That's why old schools of using flowers everywhere are coming back.

We suggest you look more attentively at this flowers clip art png set. Our artist combined different flowers and some berries together in bright bouquets. They seem to be incompatible in real life but as a watercolor drawing, they look perfect.

For you to be more familiar with our floral png set, let's see what plants we have here:

  • lemon, pink and purple roses
  • pink peonies
  • cotton plant
  • gooseberry
  • berries of dog-rose
  • white lilac
  • succulent
  • cherry flowers
  • green leaves of different forms

It is an amazing choice of plants, isn't it? They are combined in four main bouquets. They are nice as separate drawings on t-shirts, bags, wallpapers and other things which we use as clothes or for decorating our houses. The bouquets of our watercolor flower png set placed in different order make new patterns easily. They give two opposite feelings if you use them on black or white backgrounds.

The back patterns are stylish. They create an impression of richness and power. Can you imagine a dark dress or tulle with flowers? What do you feel? The patterns on a white background are soft. They represent love, fondness and purity.

This drawings of floral png set will have the same effect, as patterns do if you use them for frames. They will be a good complement for feelings and emotions which are depicted at photos.

If you are sure that the world needs more flowers, look at the list of characteristics of the watercolor flowers clip art png set:

  • Watercolor technique
  • 7 PNG | 26 JPG
  • Frames | Borders | Patterns

Flowers are loved all over the world. With this set of various flowers, your products will interesting and eyes catching!

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