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Artworks Of The Week

This week's artworks are from a set that will send you flying high - our dragonfly set!

Here are just a few things you can do with the pictures:

The Creative Corner

What can you do with these artworks?

This past year has had us all spending more time at home than any of us had planned.

At first it was nice to have a little time off, 

but very quickly boredom creeped in and we started feeling a bit stir crazy.

We took it as an opportunity to get our creative juices flowing, dive into our artwork catalogue and create one of our favorite items - letterheads.

Spending this time at home reflecting got us looking back and feeling nostalgic. Can you relate? We fondly remember the classic practice of letter writing

Instead of staring at the screen or scrolling through Facebook or Twitter again,

why not create your own one of a kind letterhead and send notes to our loved ones, or just send them our creation for them to enjoy and use themselves?

We can even make our own wedding invitations,

birthday party invitations,

there’s no limit to what we can create with these images.

It’s a great pastime and a lovely way to bring a smile to the faces of our friends and family who don’t live nearby. 

These complex times can offer all sorts of creative ways to keep busy - 

creating your own customized letterheads is a fun option for expressing yourself and a great project to enjoy together with your kids or grandkids.

Today’s Inspiration 

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand

-Mother Teresa  

Vibrant fruit colors are one of the best inspirations we could ask for.

A bright yellow pineapple, a hypnotizing purple fig or a green avocado can instantly give us a touch of nature.

Slicing them brings a fantastic new world of shapes, creativity and opportunities.

For us -

A day without fruit - is a day without inspiration.

Click here to enjoy some of our favorite fruit.


The Watercolorpng team

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