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Photos of the week

This week’s artworks come from one of our favorite sets - Man’s Best Friend

Our dog set!

Here are just some of things you can create with them:

Creativity Corner

What can you do with these artworks?

This time we found a fun, creative way to make some money…

We’re talking about a great opportunity to create a customized bag, sell it on your e-shop or Etsy and make a few extra dollars.

So How Do I Do IT?

First, choose an artwork from our extensive selection.

Customize your design and turn it into a product that is all your own and then… go make some money.

If you enjoy the creative process and love the final product - why not make some money and explore the world of POD?

POD (print on demand) is a vast market with room for everyone!

With the right platform for your shop, solid marketing tactics and great products, you can make good wages with POD.

One of the most popular platforms for POD is Etsy. It’s among the most prominent international platforms for selling almost any product, anywhere in the world.

Most people who shop on Etsy are looking for unique items or creations, like the ones you’ll be making and selling. You can take advantage of the fact that most of Etsy’s clients are interested in customizable or one of a kind pieces. Customize your products to make their wishes a reality and start garnering an audience with tons of potential for growth. This is your opportunity to share your creations with the world, and earn some money doing what you love.

A Dose of Inspiration 

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

-Marilyn Monroe

Diamonds are forever, and so are our artworks!

The twinkle in the sunlight, the look of luxury, and the colors… The stunning colors.

We find the different cuts and shades of diamonds so inspiring.

Every diamond possesses its own unique characteristics, and we invite you to design your own unique creation, inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe’s best friends.

Click here for some of our favorite diamonds 💎


The Watercolopng team

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