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How To Incorporate Watercolor Illustrations Into Your Designs? Story of Cheryl Kinney.


Our world becomes digitalized. Thus, people open their stores on different platforms like Etsy, Zazzle, Society6, etc. They are the new generation of entrepreneurs.


Using watercolor images, you can do your own business. We want to tell you stories of people who have their stores with different goods: physical or digital.


Our clients are different people with different background. They do invitation templates, clothes, textile, birthday card design, wallpaper, business cards, watercolor flyer template.

Designing is an expression of who the person is it’s part of you it’s who you are”


Cheryl Kinney
United States

Introduce yourself. Are you a business owner, handmaders, freelancers? Do you have a full-time job? If yes, where do you work?


Cheryl: “I am a designer and I started my store as a hobby at first as a college friend said I think you would be good at designing. And my digital photography teacher said he saw potential in me and said I think your going places.

I did a switch from teaching to Business got 2 AA degree in Management and Marketing in my digital photography class.

My college friend from the class told me about Zazzle.com so I checked it out and started doveworld373 for eight years now it has been built and I have grown as a designer.

I love to design. I also do a lot of Home Décor pillows, Wall art., Floral. I love color, contrast, and designing.

I’m in the process of weighing the full-time part of designing or going another way.


How would you describe your products?


Cheryl: “My products range and vary from fashion (love to create those leggings). I think what would a woman wear? Feminine, yet fashionable I was a model for five years for my church got a modeling certificate.

So, my products vary, home décor pillows. Wall art, posters to fashion leggings, jackets, t-shirts men’s and women’s, business planners. Business cards a little bit of everything.

Handmade Floral Watercolor Leggings


I just love to design now creating wedding invitations and so much more you can check out doveworld373. Oh yeah, lots of greeting cards.”


bible verse scripture print framed quotes watercolor scripture

Where do you take ideas for your design? Do you use any social media to promote your business?


Cheryl: “I’m not much into a social network. I’m on Alignable.com to connect to other Business in my community, but as far as social networks I’m kind of behind the scenes I’m not much for them.

I have my own store doveworld373, but I sell through Zazzle.com and have for eight years. Have now grown to a 10-star business or recommendations and sold many products, but it’s for a percentage, they send the items out and pay for that distribution they do that. I create and design.”


how to convert drawings to digital art


What is the most complicated stage of being a designer?


Cheryl: “The most complicated part of being a designer was the technical things to learn. I am great at creativity and not so great in technical stuff I’m always asking for help, etc. And I had to grow in designing do research find out things and trust myself in what I was creating was unique different that’s me.”


What problems do you want to solve when you're looking for prints?


Cheryl: “I found most interesting I’ve learned something as I have worked with graphic sites downloading images or checking best prices from unlimited downloads each site has a different theme and what they are specializing in and what they aren’t and I found that Creative Market which can get costly if you are on a budget. Hungry Jpeg was good. They sold images in like a group pack and you had many options with images they weren’t altered in any way where you had to edit and change things sometimes you just want images you can download and use.

I like vectors because they expand you can use them small or large.

I like yours because you have a variety and I like that. If I download an image, I want to use it, and if I pay for it, I should be able to use it the way I want to use it for sales and commercial use the way I want to use it, not have to alter to it that is why I was interested in your watercolor site plus I love floral . It’s feminine. It's pretty. It makes beautiful wall art, invitations greeting cards. It's creative and I learn different flowers.

I think designing is an expression of who the person is it’s part of you it’s who you are. I have a passion to design.

The dreamer in me comes alive in designing. I love that and must customers must love that too because I have made many sales. I think of the customer all the time. What would they like, but I put a little myself in the design. I love quotes too.”


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